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Experience the purest essence of our garden through our full line of solventless and hydrocarbon extracted concentrates. Fire in, Fire Out.

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Hydrocarbon-extracted Concentrates

Often referred to as “resin” or “BHO,” hydrocarbon-extracted concentrates are created via the use of butane and other hydrocarbon-based solvents. After extraction is complete, our team of extraction artists applies a variety of techniques to purge any remaining solvents, leaving a clean, ultrapure, extremely flavorful, and solvent free concentrate. The flexibility of hydrocarbon extraction means that all the flavor and potency of Klutch flower can be captured in a variety of consistencies including Live Resin Badders, Live Diamonds and Sauce, Live Resins, and of course, Live Resin cartridges and pods. The use of hand-selected, fresh frozen flower as a starting material allows us to capture the purest essence of our strains in the products we make.

Solventless Concentrates

After a brief hiatus while newer tech stormed the industry, solventless concentrates are experiencing a renaissance in popularity as the industry returns to its roots on the hunt for hand-crafted products that are naturally solvent-free and as close to the plant as possible. We produce our Live Rosin by first bathing premium fresh frozen flower in an ice water bath, where cold temperatures and agitation cause cannabinoid and flavor-rich trichomes to snap and sink. Different micron-specific sieves are used to collect the resulting material, called Ice Hash or Bubble Hash. From there, time, temperature, and pressure can be used to create several different consistencies including Cold Cure Live Hash Rosin and Live Hash Rosin Jam. While this process is labor intensive and arguably not as versatile as solvent-based extraction methods, the resulting concentrates are truly special, embodying the best qualities of the starting material in an evolving tradition that is probably as old as cannabis consumption itself.

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