(Rainbow B'lts x RB)

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Bred by Josh D, this exotic cross of Rainbow B’ltz and RB is an ode to Josh’s sweet tooth. Exhibiting medium-statured nugs with a conical shape and tight calyxes, Sunrize displays a kaleidoscope of light greens, purple-magentas, and light orange pistils under a luster of white, frosty trichomes. A uniquely nuanced smell erupts from the flower, especially as it is handled, with a nice balance of bright, sweet citrus leading over hints of gas fumes. This aroma translates well to taste, with bright, sugary citrus and hints of gas gently evolving into a spicy earthiness towards the exhale. This balanced offering is unique among Josh’s lineup, and the first strain released by Josh to the Ohio market since 2019.


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