The Whip / Whip It

(MAC 1 x Cookies and Cream)

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Bred by Capulator and selected by @Tahoe_Nugz, this strain combines rare genetics and was originally made popular under the names Miracle Whip and The Whip. This exotic cross of MAC 1 and Cookies and Cream will leave your nose and taste buds begging for more. Sometimes even more trichome-covered than MAC 1, the aroma and flavor of Whip It are like creamy, sweet, tangy, cookies with a hint of citrus. Some of our cultivators have also described Whip It as tasting like a lime creamsicle, and this description certainly applies to extracts, which strengthen and accentuate the strain’s more nuanced flavors. Whip it is an ideal hybrid for daytime activities.

Indica: 50%

Sativa: 50%


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