(Old Family Purple x Bears XO Reserve)

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Possibly the rarest cut in our library, Humboldt Breath is a cross of Old Family Purple and Bear’s XO Reserve that was bred and selected by Oregon’s own Seeds that Feed. While seeds of this lineage were released by the breeder at some point, this penultimate cut wasn’t available to the masses until Seeds that Feed dropped less than half a dozen clones on the bank of a river in Eugene, Oregon, before completely disappearing in the Spring of 2023. Before vanishing, Seeds that Feed’s parting words, while cryptic, lauded Humboldt Breath as the culmination of his breeding career and possibly the best he’d ever worked with. “Name another cut,” he said. “I’ve grown it.”

Seed packs described the strain by saying “Humboldt Breath does not mess around. Consisting of West Coast Heavy Hitters, these plants are well structured, colorful, and blend chem, OG, and fruit profiles in the finest fashion. It’s worth noting, the Southern Belle turned Emerald Triangle Transplant, Triangle Kush, meets once again from both parental influences. ‘Humboldt Breath’ may be tongue in cheek, but it is aptly named nonetheless. The terpene profiles of this beast are potent beyond belief, and true to the name, many transfer beautifully to taste.”

We find this cut to be awash in a cornucopia of flavors reminiscent of chem, OG, blueberry, and GMO dominant strains, with the latter two flavors dominating over the rest. We’re proud to be a steward of this plant and grateful to be able to deliver this medicine to Ohio patients.


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