Josh D Strain Josh D OG


Josh D OG

(Triangle Kush x The White x SFV OG x Hell’s Angels OG)

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Back in early 2017, Josh wanted to replicate his favorite qualities of the original OG Kush in seed form and share it with the world. He collaborated with one of the greatest cannabis breeders in the world— Karma Genetics—and the result was this cross of Triangle Kush, The White, SFV OG, and Hell’s Angels OG. It has classic OG Kush expressions in both its vigor and effect.

Josh D OG’s spears have pastel green leaves and large, very dense buds covered in sticky trichomes and sparse thin red hairs. Its aroma is a profound combination of sweet diesel and citrus in the nose, which translates into an earthy, dynamic flavor of skunky pine-sol with hints of lemon and star anise.


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