Klutch Cannabis Announces Strategic Partnership with Kiva Confections

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Akron, OH (October 13, 2020), Klutch Cannabis, one of Ohio’s leading Level 1 Medical Marijuana Cultivators and Processors, formally announced today its partnership with Kiva Confections, the #1 cannabis-infused edible company in California.

With this partnership, Klutch Cannabis will be bringing Kiva’s industry-leading, premium cannabis confections to Ohio under the following product lines:

  • Camino Gummies: All-natural, fruit-flavored gummies that use terpenes, cannabinoids, and other botanicals to create the most tailored edible experience on the market. Each flavor and effect is designed to transport users to a California state of mind.
  • Kiva Bars: A pioneering blend of cold-water has, premium ingredients, and sustainably sourced cacao married with rich, decadent flavors.
  • Terra Bites: An innovative cold-water hash-infused chocolate confection whose precise, convenient and doseable format have made it one of the best-selling edible products in the country.
  • Petra Mints: Highly portable, decidedly poppable, and subtly powerful, these microdosed mints are subtly dosed for an optimal edibles experience, every time.

The major announcement comes on the heels of Klutch’s summer rebrand and further solidifies the company’s place as a cannabis powerhouse in Ohio.

“Saying that Klutch Cannabis is excited to be teamed with Kiva Confections is an understatement,” said Klutch Cannabis Founder and CEO, Adam Thomarios. “Our partnership with the Palmers, as well as the entire Kiva team, will bring Ohio Patients access to multiple award-winning, premium edibles. Kiva’s innovative products and commitment to quality ring true with the Klutch philosophy and will further diversify Klutch’s product offerings. It is our honor to be able to offer these proven products to our patients.”

“Klutch Cannabis is one of the largest independent vertical operators in the state with a strong portfolio and excellent retail relationships. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner for Ohio, which is home to 9 million adults who are just beginning to discover the benefits of cannabis. We are very excited to enter into this emerging medical market with such a strong partner, and provide Ohio’s cannabis consumers with Kiva’s delicious, trustworthy, and award-winning edibles,” said Scott Palmer, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiva Confections.

About Klutch Cannabis

Klutch Cannabis is a leading Cultivator and Processor that is setting the standard for connoisseur-grade cannabis products in the Midwest. Founded in April of 2020 in Akron, Ohio, Klutch prides itself on its patient-focused commitment to quality, hard work, and honor. The company cultivates a host of rare, coveted, and award-winning phenotypes under its Klutch Cannabis and Klutch Select brands, and markets cannabis-infused wellness products under its Klutch Mind and Body brand. Klutch also holds Ohio-exclusive partnerships with California-born Kiva Confections, bringing Kiva’s industry-leading, premier line of award-winning and artisan-inspired edibles to Ohio, along with the lauded cannabis brand Josh D, founded by one of the originators of Los Angeles’ OG Kush movement and first-place finisher at the 2019 Emerald Cup in the Licensed Mixed Lighting Flower Category. For more information, please visit

About Kiva Confections

Kiva was founded in 2010 with a clear mission – change how the world views and uses cannabis for the better. Frustrated by the inconsistent, low-quality edibles available at the time, a young couple began making chocolate bars out of their Bay Area home kitchen. Today, their award-winning chocolates, mints, and gummies are the most trustworthy, recommended, and sought-after on the market. Kiva is the most recognized edible brand in cannabis with a loyal customer based throughout hundreds of dispensaries in CA, AZ, NV, MI, IL, and HI. For more information, please visit

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